LIP BLUSH is the new alternative to the old permanent lip makeup. It can be compared to lip gloss, tint or blush. The idea of this procedure is to restore color and keep the lip’s edge or vermillion border soft. This will give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner look. Normally $400, is now $250 for Summer 2019

THE PROCESS A numbing cream is first applied to ensure comfort. Once the lips are numb we start by shaping the lips with a pencil to choose the perfect shape. The lips are more prone to swelling during treatment. If this should occur, swelling will quickly fade and will disappear totally within two days. Expect the procedure to take around three hours. The color density may appear stronger at first than you anticipated, but this will fade after three to four days too. Trauma around the mouth area may cause an occurrence of cold sores. It is usually a few days after the procedure that cold sore pain begins. People who get cold sores will need to take preventative medication at least 2 days before the procedure.HOW LONG DOES IT LAST?Every client is individual but generally 2 years. Color retention depends on skin type, age, aftercare, sun exposure, use of certain products, pigments used, the immune system, medications, and other Factors. Touch ups are recommended once every 1-2 years to prevent natural fading.DOES IT HURT? Clients are numbed prior to procedure, so it is quite comfortable and relatively pain free.HOW LONG IS THE HEALING PROCESS?Clients can expect to look like they’re wearing lipstick combined with a mild lip-filler pout when they leave their appointment! The color looks really vibrant the day of and after the appointment. Around day two-three, the lips will softly flake away, and the following day they appear almost entirely healed. This soft technique we use ensures the lips will heal quickly and with minimal discomfort.MEDICATIONSIf you are prone to herpes or cold sore breakouts you will need to take your antiviral medications preventatively for a couple days before procedure and a few days after.WILL IT LOOK LIKE LIPSTICK?No. It does not replace your lipstick, but gives your lips a natural, blushy tint. If you are a person that loves the appearance of “no-makeup makeup” and wants to look like your lips have a little life during the work week, at the gym, picking up a coffee and running errands, and like to feel “effortlessly put-together” – this is it!CONTRAINDIATIONS:If your lips are naturally brown or dark in color it can be difficult to make them lighter.Very sun damaged and hyperpigmented lips are not good candidates for lip procedures.Please send us photo of your lips before scheduling appointment.

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