• Don’t get your lashes wet or exposed to steam for 24 hours MINIMUM

• Avoid any oil based or waterproof products near the eyes

• Avoid rubbing/pulling at your extensions

• Use oil-free makeup remover, no makeup remover wipes

• Clean your lashes & lash line daily & try to deep clean 2-3 times a week.
We have a Foaming Cleanser you can purchase at your next appointment for $25

• If you work out, wear a headband & make sure to cleanse your lashes later on.

• Be careful with high heat around your extensions, including smoking, BBQ, hair dryer on med/high heat, because the extensions can • become singed.

• No eyelash curlers of any kind, which can crimp the lash

• Avoid cotton products & opt for lint-free so they don’t become stuck in your extensions

• Try not to sleep on your face or purchase a Sleeping Eye Mask for $10 at your next appointment to help protect your lashes while you sleep.

For Volume Lash Extensions, make sure to brush when they’re dry or use a hair dryer or fan on cool shot, at least 6 inches away at a low setting to help fluff them back out.

If you put mascara on, they will clump together and won’t look full anymore.

Let’s talk about shedding cycles and how they play into extensions.

Each individual hair follicle take about 4-8 weeks to be replaced after shedding.

Each lash is in it’s own phase of growth, which means, we can’t predict where hair will shed and it can be uneven had sporadic.

Typically, in a full set, about 80-200 lashes are being applied per eye but as always it will depend on how many natural lashes you have at the time of application.

Each day, you may see on average 2-5 lashes falling out which is completely normal. Some days you may have 10 fall out in one area.

Sometimes you’re able to make it 4 weeks from your lash fill & other times just 2.

I made this chart as kind of a reference of what shedding each week can potentially look like, but it’s usually much more sporadic.

It’s different for everyone and you’ll see that if you’re more active, are taking medication or are really stressed out, among other factors, that your lashes with grow and shed differently.

So when you’re booking, do so according to how much time is needed.

After four weeks or if you have don’t have much left, you’ll be charged the full set price or you may need to be rescheduled if there isn’t enough time

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